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The Friends of St John's


The separate website for the Friends of St John the Baptist Church is found
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The article below is only a very brief summary.

The Friends of St. John the Baptist Church, Keynsham, was founded in 1991. Its principle function is to administer a fund of money, from which it contributes towards the cost of conserving the medieval church of St. John the Baptist, along with its historic contents.

The Friends used to be called The Bridges Society, the name acknowledging the financial support given to the church in the 16th to 18th centuries by the Bridges family of Keynsham. (Memorials to several members of the family may be seen in the chancel).  Without their generosity, and that of other benefactors over the years, we would not now have such a beautiful building in which to meet and worship.













There is something special about worshipping in a church which has been handed down from congregation to congregation for over 700 years. We have inherited this building and its contents from those who have gone before, and we feel it is our duty to pass them on in good order to those who will follow us. This is where The Friends of St. John’s comes in.

If you value this church, and enjoy attending regular Sunday or weekday services, community services such as the Remembrance Day Parade, carol services and school celebrations, or perhaps have chosen it to hold important events of your own – weddings, baptisms etc. – please consider supporting the work of The Friends.

Single or regular donations to The Friends are always very welcome. We are a registered charity, and so donations can be made under Gift Aid. Legacies are also very much appreciated.

The Secretary and Treasurer can be contacted via the main Friends of St John website at www.fosjkeynsham.org.uk


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