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St John's Bands

The Worship Band
Playing a variety of music styles mainly concentrating on more contemporary worship songs, this band have their practice every week on Wednesday evenings at 8-9.30pm and play at the 11.15 service.



The Worship Band at St John's is a pool of singers and instrumentalists with a level of expertise and experience as well as a heart for worshipping God.



Youth Band 
This group has been in existence for several years, leading the worship occasionally at the 11.15 service. We have seen some immensely gifted young people involved over the years.

Folk Band 
An enthusiastic group with a passion for folk music and a passion for God. This group has led folk masses at St John's and St Margaret's, as well as occasional involvement in the 11.15 and 10.30 services.

All-age orchestra
This group meets about three times a year to play at some of the major church festivals, usually at the 10.30 service. It is open to anyone who plays an orchestral instrument with more than one year's experience.

 Chameleonz - The Jazz Band 
The most recent band to emerge at St John's, with a very successful home debut at the St John's Church Fete, and with subsequent bookings to play at various locations in the local area.  

For more information on joining any of these bands please contact the Christopher Thomas on 07950 583459 or email christhomas@keynshamparish.org.uk.



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