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What’s it like to belong to the Christian Church in Africa?

Lesson 4: What might a Church look like in rural Zambia?

             Outside the church

Look at this rural Church in Zambia.; what can you see?  How is this different from your local Church? (Each child could have an individual photo to write about). They could also say what they think will be inside.



           Inside the church

  •      What do you think will be inside this rural Church in Zambia? Each child could have a photo to look at and write about.  How is it different from a Church building in Britain?




Lesson 5: What makes a Church a Church? Is it the building or the people? Who ‘belongs’ to the Church?

Worship in Zambia

What is it like in a Zambian Church?   Go to the clip https://vimeo.com/67464501     which is a film of a service with a group from Keynsham - they are singing a  song called Bonse Abba which transaltes as All who sing have the right to be called the children of God. Look at what the people are wearing.

Lesson 6: ‘What we most want is a Bible.’  Just why is the Bible so important for Christians

Explore why the Bible is so important to these young people. 

Watch two short video clips and the look at the photo below.

This clip is the church choir singing outside the church. See https://vimeo.com/67464502

In the clip a girl from the Girls Friendly Society talks about why she needs a Bible, she is talking in Benbe and her teacher is translating. See https://vimeo.com/67464504

Look at the picture of how this young man holds his Bible


Lesson 13: What is a missionary? An African priest said: ‘You gave us our faith in the first place, but now your hearts have grown cold, and we need to come and give you back your faith’… Do you agree? 


  • Consider what poverty means… is it just to be hungry or not have many possessions? Or is it to have no hope, friends, love, purpose?
  • Watch the video ‘We are living in the Dreamland’ See https://vimeo.com/67458273.  This is sung by children in an orphanage in Zambia, where there is little to eat. How could this possibly be a dreamland? [Jesus said ‘blessed are the poor, Luke 6,20]

School life in Fiwila

When visitors come to see the school the children welcome them with music. See https://vimeo.com/67464503






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