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Fiwila (Zambia)

In July 2011 three members of the parish - Di Nutt, Anne Hewett and Martin Burton re visited Fiwila. The visit had a number of aims:




Developing and renewing relationships
We feel we are now really getting to know the people in the community and the area as result of the two previous visits in 2005 and 2007. We met many of the young people who had visited keynsham in 2007 , some of them had travelled all day to meet us and catch up on each others news. this was a clear indication of the imprtnace of the link to individuals in Zambia



Reviewing the partnership
We spent a great deal of time talking to various groups (Mothers Union, Church Council, clergy, teachers, youth group) about the link and what they throught the priorities were. two priorities emerged - the need to replace the church building and to provide electricity.
Reporting back on projects
The parish of Keynsham has supported the community with funding to support a number of projects. we were pleased to see that the mill was working and the chickens purchased for the orphanage by USPG were thriving.


We were overwhelmed by the hospitality from the people, they invited us into their homes, schools and churches. We also worshipped with them, a glimpse of worship Zambian style is at this youtube clip along with some of superb singing from the St Marks Choir.



If you would like to know more about our visit please contact us at fiwilaCD@yahoo.co.uk


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